Saturday, February 18, 2012


Boris Dragos & Thomas Thorn
Early, short-lived, and influential US power electronics/industrial group that began in 1987. The band ceased upon the death of Boris Dragos (by suicide) in 1988.

The band released two cassettes, made a few live appearances, participated on an Intrinsic Action recording, and recorded three compilation tracks (one of which was, to the band's knowledge, never released -- nor was a backup made of the track).

An official Slave State publication, "Im Bau," was released though the band's own label Arbeit Group in 1987. It contained lyrics, graphics, and supplemental text to songs on the "Age Of Man" cassette, as well as information and ideas concerning other Slave State projects.

A C-90 collaboration with Sigillum S (entitled "Sex Structures") was intended to be released in Sept. 1988 on Arbeit Group. Due to Boris Dragos' death, however, this was never released.

Hardcore band from Buffalo
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