Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Metgumbnerbone - Cops of Matter (1983)

 (cassette, Aeon, 1983, UK)
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Metgumbnerbone was an obscure ritual-industrial improvisation project that centered around the collaboration between Richard & Philip Rupenus (better known as The New Blockaders, and often Organum partners), John Mylotte, and Sean Breadin (who with Richard Rupenus formed the oblique ritual project Masstishaddhu). From what little information is available about the group, Metgumbnerbone only had a couple releases back in the mid ’80s with “Ligeliahorn” being the only recording to get beyond the short run productions of cassette culture with a vinyl release on the now defunct A-Mission Records. Metgumbnerbone is an ensemble whose recordings have become fetish objects for the most die-hard industrial fans.

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